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About Us

Keeping family at the centre

The Good Day Farm started with three friends, between us we have 12 children and a love of the outdoors, our environment and animals. The name of the farm was thought of by the children as they believe that being around the animals should always mean you have a good day! 

Our Story

It all started at the school gates with when we only had 2 horses, since then we have slowly bought more animals onto Emily's home farm to join in our already large families! We now have 5 horses, 5 pigs, 5 goats, 3 sheep, countless chickens, ducks and dogs. As more people wanted to visit our animals and after many visits to the care home to see Grandma we started to think how we can share our animals, from that, the Good Day Farm - on tour was created! 

The benefits animals bring is well understood, for many of the residents we visit the smell and sight of these farm animals evoke memories and we are able to revisit many of their stories - being able to share these experiences is valuable for all of us. For others its just the sheer joy watching and interacting with these animals bring, and no one is left out as we dedicate time to being in the home visiting rooms of residents who are bedbound.

Meet The Team

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